This is the story of Mark,

A fictional character who could be anyone of you. Our platform and product however, is very real.

Our platform enables different trading opportunities with real-time financial market data.

FIBIZ, our first product, is based on short-term vanilla options, also referred to as digital options. A digital option is an option whose payout is fixed after the underlying stock exceeds the predetermined threshold or strike price. There is a real risk that you will lose your money.

to read the “binary option” definition on Wikipedia and to understand all definitions, risks, and limitations of binary and digital options before proceeding.

Even if you do decide to install and experiment with our product, we advise you to read through the definition and updates again before depositing real money — even if it is in small sums.

This is the reason we will never promise you a guaranteed profit or solicit you, because we cannot possibly know the direction the markets will take and we do not intend to try and influence your trading decisions. As such, we will never call you to solicit you to deposit money or to take any other actions. Our product is self-converging and self-retaining. If you find it fair, transparent, professional and fun, we will be more than delighted if you continue to use it.

This is the future of options trading. It’s mobile, it’s intuitive, it’s simple, it’s self-explanatory, and it’s fun.
Our platform is a micro-trading platform, which is based on a low-risk philosophy. Non-experienced traders should not trade with large sums of money. If you do decide to trade with real money, you can deposit as little as $20 equivalent and trade with as little as $1 per trade. We believe that in small sums, trading can be just as exciting and fun.


You will be able to trade for as long as you want on our virtual currency platform to get comfortable and gain experience. There is no difference between our virtual and real-money products. They are 100% identical, so once you decide to open a Pro Account and trade with actual money, you will receive the exact same conditions as you did trading with virtual money. Our product offers customers the highest multiples in the industry. If you don’t understand trading mechanisms do not trade with real money! Please watch the tutorial, read the FAQ, contact our support team, or train with virtual money until you get the hang of it and feel confident and comfortable enough to trade. We strongly believe in responsible trading. This is why we advise you not to trade with more than $150 per day. In fact, it is our philosophy that we do not allow users to trade with more than this amount on our platform unless they send us proof that they have sufficient funds to trade higher. We also do not allow deposits of over $999 unless a user receives special clearance.

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